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Metal Sheet Roofing - Case Study

Historic Building Restoration / Renovation / Conservation

"Keeping The Kids Warm and Dry"

In July 2013, Tetlow Developments were commissioned to advise upon and repair a corrugated roof on a nursery in Standish, Wigan, one of the leading specialists for roofing work In the Manchester area. We are experts in many areas of construction, including the repair and installation of metal sheet roofing.

Upon initial inspection it could be seen that the original corrugated roofing sheets were those of a metal roof sheeting system probably dating to the 1950s when the building was originally constructed. The corrugated roofing sheets were of a mild steel profile, which had been encapsulated in a bitumen layer to both sides, which was a very common type of roofing In Manchester during that period.

It could be clearly seen that moisture had managed to get into the layers of this corrugated metal roofing causing the layers of bitumen and steel to delaminate and thus allow moisture to come in contact with the steel. A corrosive chemical reaction had thus been taking place for many years, causing the steel component of the metal sheet roofing to corrode to such an extent that in places it had completely disappeared, allowing water to enter the building. The owners of the nursery had been able to manage this problem for some time, but it had now become intolerable so a long-term solution was required.

Another problem with the existing corrugated roofing was that it afforded absolutely no thermal insulation to the building, so in winter it was virtually impossible to keep the building warm, unless the heating was left on permanently, which was proving to become a significant cost to the running cost of the nursery We carried out some research in order to find the best roofing system that could be used to replace the existing corrugated roofing sheets.

The material selected was a composite panel cladding system of sheet metal roofing as manufactured by Kingspan - world leaders in the manufacture of this type of metal roofing sheets. The composite panel cladding system comes as a complete roof component. This is much more compact, easily installed and therefore, cost effective option when compared to the original built up systems of sheet metal roofing which is comprised of many different components - including the insulation - and which has to be put together by operatives in often hostile conditions in situ.

As opposed to the traditional in situ metal roof sheeting, the composite Insulated cladding is manufactured in factory conditions, which has significant benefits to the quality control of the completed roofing system. The client's brief was to provide a roofing system that would be both watertight and thermally efficient up to modern standards, which led to the selection of Kingspan's KS1000RW from their composite panel cladding system range. This system has a total thickness of 150mm including polyurethane insulation, which provides a U Value of 0.16(W/m2K). This would bring the roof of the building up to a modern building regulation standard.

A submission was made to the client who was delighted with our suggestions and instructed work to commence immediately. To ensure that a safe working environment was created for the operatives, a scaffold was erected around the perimeter of the nursery. And to mitigate any potential injury to the occupants, it was agreed that the building would be completely vacated whilst the roof repairs were being carried out. The original corrugated roofing sheets were removed and disposed of and all roof debris removed. The new composite panel sheets were hoisted onto the roof with a mechanical handler, and placed into position.

Each new metal roofing sheet was fixed to the existing steel purlins with the Ash and Lacey self-drilling system SD/235XD, and all joints between sheets sealed with a butyl tape system.Started in July 2013 the roof was finally finished in August 2013. The client was absolutely delighted with its appearance and the prevention of water ingress into the building. But perhaps more significantly they noticed that during colder days, the heating system did not need to be turned on at all. They are now looking forward to the approaching winter months when the new insulated metal sheet roofing, will be keeping the children and babies in the nursery toasty warm!

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Roof Cladding - Example (Before)Roof Cladding - Example (After)

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