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Large Domestic Projects

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Looking to give your home that facelift you've always wanted? Want to be the envy of all your friends? Want to make your home truly shine? Then why not ask us to provide a competitive quote for:

  • That new floor you've always promised yourself
  • That summer patio you always envisaged but never got round to
  • That conservatory you planned but thought was too difficult
  • That gorgeous bathroom you've been putting off for years
  • Or that stunning new kitchen
  • That elegant new staircase
  • That sumptuous extra living room...and more?

Our expert builders and craftsmen will turn the ordinary into the truly extraordinary and at prices you will love. That's why we want to create a truly elegant living space that you and your family will be able to enjoy for years to come. So let's really think about how you want to use and enjoy your home...

Your New Living Room

Since you spend around a quarter of your life in it, you know how important it is to feel comfortable and relaxed in your living room, yet we often ignore that inner voice. Don't forget, your home really is your castle, and your living room arguably the most important room within it. So why not look around it now and think about how it makes you feel. Isn't it time you felt great just to be in it? Isn't it time to lose that tired wallpaper, or that worn carpet, or even to re-design the room's layout altogether?

Think of all the colours, the materials, the painted or papered walls, the lighting, the welcoming warmth, or the cool designer chic you deserve. And why waste that great space behind the TV? (you know, the one with all the clutter). Why not have that old fireplace re-furbished or renovated? Why not finally put a beautiful hand-built bookcase in that unused corner? Why not think about how much brighter the room would be with a modern, full-length window. Or how many more guests you could comfortably entertain with just a few design and layout changes?

And if you need help to do so, why not let our expert designers help you see how your living room space you have can be used best?.We really can make that dream come true.

Your New Bathroom

Using only the best-quality doors and units, the most elegant bathroom flooring and the finest plumbing and pipework, we can create a bathroom you'll never want to leave. Whether spending hours soaking in your new porcelain bath, or simply taking a super-quick morning shower, your newly-fitted bathroom will set new standards of excellence and make this space in your home an experience not a chore.

But it's not all about aesthetics. Your utility bills will be kept to a minimum with the super-efficient radiators we install too (not to mention keeping those wonderful Egyptian cotton towels you bought last year nice and fluffy). And your choice of rugged-yet-beautiful units will last and last. Best of all, time itself will simply slow down to the relaxed pace you've always dreamed of.

Your New Kitchen

Really. What is a kitchen for? Is it somewhere one merely prepares food? Or should it be a beautiful, yet relaxed, focal point for all your family and friends to enjoy? We're pretty sure you'll agree it's the latter.

That's why our expert kitchen designers will sit down with you to design and create a wonderful eating, entertaining and living area that goes way beyond just mealtimes. We'll talk to you about the role your kitchen should really be playing in your home - i.e. who'll use it; when it'll be used; how it'll be used and most of all what you really want to feel while you're sharing your kitchen space. We'll come up with a design that suits your needs and your aspirations, not just some superimposed 'off-the-shelf' solution.

We'll provide you with a wide range of choices of kitchen unit colours, designs, layouts and features. Then we'll work with you to define a kitchen that fits your every need. You'll find yourself in a relaxed, safe, bright, elegant and efficient kitchen that will serve you for years to come.

Your New Staircase

Why is so little attention is given to this important feature of most homes? Surely a staircase can be about more than providing a route from one place in your home to another. Surely a staircase can be just as much about providing a delightful surprise as any other room. Whether incorporating a wistfully-winding wrought-iron trail, or a sumptuous mahogany-and-soft-carpet solution, we want to allow your staircase its very own design statement. 'Feng shui'? Maybe. But we prefer a more prosaic viewpoint. We simply want to make each area of your home a pleasure to use and behold.

Tranform Your Home

We could go on...but why not call us today so we can help you transform any room or area of your home.. and at the most competitive prices anywhere?

On-Time & On-Budget Customer Service - Guaranteed

Whatever the project, we take an absolute pride in our attention to detail, our on-time and on-budget record and our after sales service. All our work is guaranteed. What more could you ask?

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